We deliver ABA services at the comfort of your loved one’s home.
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  • ABA is the only scientifically proven effective treatment for Autism. ABA is a science that is dedicated to understanding and improving socially significant behaviors, and is focused on skill acquisition.
  • ABA uses the principles of learning and motivation to increase skills and appropriate behaviors.
  • Individual programs are designed to address specific skills or behavior change procedures that can be maintained over time and generalized across multiple settings and people. When reducing inappropriate or challenging behaviors, behavior therapists always strive to teach an appropriate replacement behavior to engage in instead.
  • BCBAs (Board Certified Behavior Analysts) and LABAs (Licensed Applied Behavior Analysts) intervene to improve target behaviors while demonstrating a reliable relationship between the interventions and improvements.
  • Data is collected and analyzed to see if interventions are working or if they need to be modified.

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